How to put on a condom

We give out special safer sex packs for World AIDS Day, Pride and other special occasions. In case you never noticed, this is what is printed on the inside:

[Condom back. showing expiry
date]Always use condoms that are in date. Push the condom down before opening the foil. Open the packet carefully - watch those fingernails and no teeth!

[A big stiffy]Put the condom on when your prick is hard and before putting it in anyone's holes.

Pull back your foreskin (if you still have one). With one hand pinch the tip of the condom with thumb and finger to expel the air. Then, with the other hand, roll the condom all the way down to the base of your cock.

[A bottle of lube]Use a water-based lube such as KY, Liquid Silk or any other you find in this pack. Oils destroy rubber, so don't use oil-based products such as Vaseline, sun-tan lotions and hand creams. Some prefer silicone-based lubes. These are safe to use with condoms but if it gets onto fabric, wash the item in cold water.

[Withdrawal]After cumming, pull out your penis before it becomes soft, holding the condom firmly around the base. Slide off the condom, wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin. Don't flush it!

For more information, including sources of free condoms, check out our listing of sexual health websites in Scotland.

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