Using condoms with toys

Some of our packs include an insert, in either dolphin dildo or bear penis flavour, about using condoms with sex toys. Here's what is says:

If you share sex toys, it’s a good idea to put a condom over the toy, and change the condom whenever the toy is used on another person.

Always use condoms that are in date. The expiry date is printed on the foil packet. Push the condom down before opening the foil. Open the packet carefully—watch those fingernails and no teeth!

With toys, there’s no need to pinch the tip of the condom. Just roll the condom all the way down the toy.

Use plenty of water-based lube, such as the one supplied in this pack. Oil-based lubes can damage latex; silicone-based lubes are safe with condoms, but can melt silicone toys if any gets on them.

Add more lube as you need it. If the condom gets too dry, not only could it break, but it will be really uncomfortable for your partner.

Some people put multiple condoms on one toy, and remove the top one when they change round. This is not only a bit fiddly, but the latex surfaces rubbing together can tear the condoms.

Use each condom once only, and dispose of it in the bin, rather than trying to flush it down the loo. Wash your toy in warm, soapy water—a task the condom has made much easier!

For more information, including sources of free condoms, check out our listing of sexual health websites in Scotland.

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