The Gallery: Nuns gu leòr!

We take pictures whenever we are out and about, and through the wonders of iPhoto, we can show you some of the results, most recent first.

  • Russian Consulate demo, May 30th 2011. On Saturday May 28th, Moscow police colluded with neo-nazis and violently broke up the peaceful Pride march in that city. On Monday 30th May, LGBT activists presented a card at the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh.
  • Pride Scotia 2011, May 7th 2011. We went on the march, led the minute’s silence and noise, held a Tea Dance and then gatecrashed the Beltane Fire Society’s picnic on the Meadows.
  • Novice Vipiera de Braccis’ white veiling, March 19th 2011. Vipiera de Braccis was elevated to Novice in a suitably shambolic ceremony in the Regent Bar. The Convent then went on to the last ever Velvet.
  • Rainbow City and Sister Scissors’ Vestition, May 2006. Novice Rosemary Beads became Sister Scissors immediately prior to our blessing the Rainbow City exhibition at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. The exhibition also contained something of great interest to us.
  • World AIDS Day and Festive Frolics 2005, plus the Cecil Sinclair Archive blessing.
  • World AIDS Day and Festive Frolics 2004. This gallery covers the period from Novice Tara Ra Boom Diay's first manifestation, through World AIDS Day and our Christmas Eve condom ministry to our visit to Edinburgh's new AIDS memorial on December 28th 2004.
  • 4th International Conclave, Berlin, June 2004. This includes shots of aircraft, cats, tourist attractions, a concentration camp and Trabants as well as many, many nuns. 'Editing' is not a word in Brother Bimbo's dictionary.
  • Ba Da Bingo, San Francisco, 5th September 2002. Brother Bimbo del Doppio Senso makes a pilgrimage to the first house.

There's also the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pool at Flickr, full of photographs of the Order all over the world.