A handful of male nuns wearing red ribbons

The Order of Perpetual

The Sisters and Brothers of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence are part of a worldwide order of queer people of all sexualities and genders. Formed around 1979 in response to attacks on the queer community by fundamentalist religious organisations, its tenets are:

  • The expiation of stigmatic guilt, and
  • The promulgation of universal joy.

By eradicating guilt and promoting universal joy, we aim to end prejudice and intolerance towards those who 'dare to be different'. By manifesting in habit, the Sisters and Brothers challenge gender stereotypes and the oppression of organised religious orthodoxy, which still refuses to accept queers (or, indeed, anyone living an 'unacceptable' lifestyle) as being equal members of society with a right to their sexuality.

The Order is not a religious order, nor is it anti religion. Many within the Order observe a religious or spiritual life. Others do not. The Order is open to all who feel the call of the habit.

We celebrate at public events. We demonstrate. We perform queer affirmative ritual, do fund-raising, perform memorials and generally drag up in habit at any invitation.