Saints of the Order

The Order of Perpetual Indulgence has a long tradition of living Saints. These are fantabulosa people from outwith the Order whose lives and accomplishments are in keeping with our philosophy and mission: The promulgation of Universal Joy, the Expiation of Stigmatic Guilt, and Serving the Community.

A Saint might be a public activist, blazing a fabulous trail for all of us. They could be someone who has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, who has, so far, managed to avoid the public eye. They could be campaigners for equality, diversity and inclusion, or have given much to good causes. They are often people who, by simply existing as their authentic selves, have inspired others.

Saint Kate of the Tartan Kiss

Kate Fearnley, canonised August 1994. Canonised at the 12th National Bisexual Conference for all of her work over the previous 10 years, including founding the first Edinburgh Bisexual Group.

Saint Tim of the Incredibly Long Latin Name None of Us, Not Even Saint Tim, Can Remember

Tim Hopkins, canonsied June 1999 in recognition of his relentless campaigning for LGBT equality. Founder of the Equality Network.

Saint Isla White

Alan Joy, canonised June 2009. Legendary DJ and licensee, canonised in recognition of his long-term fundraising efforts for a variety of LGBT and HIV/AIDS related causes; for bringing joy to the world and for putting up with the Sisters well beyond the call of duty!

Saint Floribunda

Jim Halcrow, founder of the first Switchboard in Scotland, and who worked quietly as a volunteer for decades. Sainted on Old Queens’ Day 2012.

Little Saint Rosalind of the Moderately Expensive Flowers

Roz Kaveney, Trans activist, pain in the arse to TERFs, and poet, she is our Patron Saint of Things That Rhyme With Fuck. Sainted 2014, by us, because the London House is moribund.

Saint Jo, Scribe of Our Souls

Jo Clifford, playwright, sainted on Old Queens’ Day (June 3rd) 2022 at Augustine United Church. Jo is recognised for her transformative work in theatre, including the groundbreaking play The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven, a loving celebration of Jesus in the gospels re-imagined as a trans woman.

Saint Murray the Kilted Mischief, Mother of Bears and Angel Gary Moulinex of the Immaculate Soufflé

Murray Lackerby and the late Gary Davidson, honoured on Old Queens’ Day (11 February) 2023 at The Regent Bar. Recognised for bringing together the bear community in Scotland as part of BearScots in an open, accepting and generous way - providing a warm space for all cubs, bears, otters, chubs, chasers and those that love them. Angel Gary is our first Angel, and Saint Murray tells us his husband had entertained the idea of joining the Sisters, and the Angelic name is the one he would have chosen.